Remembering and documenting African Heritage

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Project Objectives

Posted by admin June - 19 - 2012 0 Comment

Several Communities and schools will take part in the competition for best illustrated Folk Tale for children, with an indirect beneficiary population of several thousands school children. Art teachers will be trained in coaching school children in preparing illustrations for children story books using computers and further and more teachers and assistants will be trained in Digital archiving methods. The cultural players in each country will be able to interconnect  [ Read More ]

Africa & the Diaspora

Posted by admin October - 18 - 2011 0 Comment

In time, the rich cultures and traditions of people of African origin globally have become threatened for a number of reasons, including where elders who are the main vehicles for the transmission of this unique cultural knowledge, die without passing the knowledge on. Hence we see that it is vital to secure and preserve this heritage for future generations. If we don’t know where we come from – we won’t  [ Read More ]

Bonjour tout le monde !

Posted by admin October - 12 - 2011 3 Comments

For many African communities, the transmission of oral traditions from one generation to the next lies at the heart of their cultural life. The effects of enslavement away from our motherland, colonial domination on our nationhood, globalization, and rapid socio-economic change on the African continent means that most children and young people have literally no access to, and are under exposed to their own organic culture – in contrast to the  [ Read More ]